Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tip #57: Aural Engagement: Music

The following music enhances the brain's capability for imagery and creativity. The items in bold print I believe can be used without copyright concern. We discussed the Lind Institute last week. All of this music is lovely, but I particularly enjoy the melodious new age music of Max Highstein and Rob Whitesides-Woo from Serenity (#12).

  1. Music for Imaging Music by Smetana, Debussy, Beethoven, Strauss and Others The Lind Institute (1-800-462-3766)

  2. Steven Halpern and Daniel Kobialka Recollections: New Music for Piano and Violin 1983 Halpern Sounds

  3. Mike Rowland: The Fairy Ring Music Design, Inc.

  4. Kitaro: Silk Road and Kitaro Ki Canyon Records

  5. 5. Steve Halpern: Spectrum Suite

  6. Debussy: La Mer, Prelude A, L'Apres-Midi D'un Faune, Danses Sacre et Profane

  7. Holst: The Planets Berlin Philharmonic

  8. Don G. Campbell: Runes and Crystal Meditations Spirit Records

  9. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

  10. Steve Bergman: Music for an Inner Journey- Volume 1 1979 Steve Bergman

  11. Relax with the Classics: Baroque masterpieces LIND Institute: 1-800-462-3766

  12. New Age Healing Music Serenity: 1-800-869-1684

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