Friday, February 8, 2008

Tip #206: Using Hidden Text- and Two Requests

This week's idea comes from Ross Thomas at Prudential Relocation. If you would like to create trainer manuals and participant manuals from the same document, you can use the hidden text feature in Microsoft Word! Who knew?

First, you enter all of the text that you need for your document.

Next, highlight the text that you want to be hidden (such as answer keys or content notes that only the trainer needs access to).

From the menu, select "Format,"then "Font."Select the "Hidden"Option and press OK.

The text that you selected will no longer be visible on the screen, but it will still be there. To see the hidden text, simply select the "Show/hide"button.

If you want to print a document with all of the hidden text (such as for the trainer's manual) then select "File,""Print,""Options,"and make sure that "Hidden text"is selected.

Isn't that a wonderfully easy way to create both materials at once? I love it! Thanks so much, Ross!

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