Monday, August 2, 2004

Tip #36: Decide what the role of the non-presenter will be when co-training

The second category to consider when co-training is to decide what the role of the non-presenter will be while the other trainer is presenting a section.


Be clear about the expected role of the non-presenter. Possible options include any combination of the following:

  1. Write group comments on the flip chart or overhead;

  2. Work with one section of the group;

  3. Note down questions or issues raised by the group that will need to be addressed;

  4. Provide assistance as requested by the presenter;

  5. Listen;

  6. Observe the group interactions;

  7. Help to provide crowd control;

  8. Serve as a time keeper;

  9. Facilitate small group discussions;

  10. Check to see if any participants need extra assistance; and/or

  11. Interact with the presenter in a pre-arranged manner- for example, playing a role.


  1. Make disapproving noises;

  2. Indicate your displeasure or disagreement through body language;

  3. Go make telephone calls;

  4. Leave while the other trainer is speaking;

  5. Stand in the back as if judging the other trainer;

  6. Create distractions by joking with the participants while the other trainer is trying to teach;

  7. Do other work while the other trainer is presenting; or

  8. Prepare your materials for your next presentation.

Next week we will explore the do's and don'ts regarding how to handle differences of opinion with a co-trainer.

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