Sunday, August 8, 2004

Tip #37: Decide how to handle differences of opinion when co-training

The third category to consider when co-training is to decide how differences of opinion between the trainers will be handled.


Treat each other with professional respect. Possible options include any combination of the following:

  1. Write down disagreements for later mutual discussion;

  2. Wait until the end of the day, when you debrief the entire session together;

  3. Defer to the other trainer;

  4. Let the issue drop, if it's not very important;

  5. Bring the matter to the other members if there is a core training group, for resolution and consistency in future presentations;

  6. Agree to disagree; and/or

  7. If the issue is significant, discuss it with the other trainer during a break to see if s/he agrees that one of you should make a clarifying statement after the break.


  1. Do anything to undermine the other trainer's presentation or credibility;

  2. Argue during the presentation;

  3. Argue during the break;

  4. Bring it up during the break, if participants want to discuss other issues with either trainer;

  5. Question the other trainer's expertise or credibility;

  6. Correct the other trainer in front of the group;

  7. Indicate your disagreement nonverbally; or

  8. Mention your disagreement to the participants.

Next week we will explore the do's and don'ts relating to staying on time and on task when co-training.

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